Legal Technologies are software applications with functions that correspond to laws and regulations. We create legally compliant software!

Achieving legal compliance is easy with the products built by Willing & Able.

Law Practice Optimization

Transition of legal practices into the digital realm.

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Client / Lawyer Relationship

Enhancing the lawyer and client connection.

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Law Practice Optimization

LPO Law Practice Optimization

… refers to an increase in efficiency and establishment of client-attorney relations. LPO helps the client and the law firm establish transparency. With the right optimization tools, lawyers may share clients¬† and consult them together in accordance to their knowledge and experience.

Modern Law Firms

… are researching legally compliant software solutions. They need to guarantee that sensitive client information stays undisclosed, and attorney-client privilege is not broken. This is an extensively thorough process due to the potential consequences of misuse of confidential digital information. The software needs to meet specific requirements on behalf of the firm and its clients. Many factors such as the¬† size of the firm, category of practice, etc. are to be considered. Furthermore, every law firm needs marketing and advertisement.

Moving Forward

… technology potential has few boundaries, even in the law industry. There are benefits to be gained. An obvious benefit is the reduction of paper and overhead costs. Law firms can be more efficient and eco-friendly at the same time. However, the usage of on-site technology increases workload and personnel expenses in the IT department. With on-premise solutions, IT departments of law firms will gain more responsibilities and their role will expand in the future.

Client/Lawyer Relationship

Potential Client

… needs legal services. The client firm usually researches to find a specific lawyer that fits their needs. An excellent example is browsing the internet. Companies check reviews of services before hiring attorneys and one of the main references is social media. Because of our technology integration, it’s easier for your law firm to reach out to popular social media platforms and make sure clients can find your information. If you do a good job, you’ll get good reviews, and potential clients will take notice.

Technological Advancements

… enable people to communicate with others more easily. Now we have live chat and video conferencing in place as well as easily accessible contact information. There’s been a close association with IT departments and law-based services. Potential clients have several options available to them while trying to contact a law firm; live chat systems built into websites, questionnaires to be filled to maximize efficiency, software to establish safe and secure communication and more.

Achieving Transparency

… in any regard, has always been difficult to fully resolve. Because of LegalTech, we’re now coming closer to achieving this goal. It will not be 100%, perhaps it never could be, but we’re getting closer, nonetheless. Since the introduction of web-based solutions and services most clients, companies and government facilities have easier accessibility than before. People have access to confidential digital files online. You can form up companies online, access or obtain court orders with a simple click. The government has digitalized and requires established business operations to use online systems.