Charity Program

Willing & Able offers a charity program for all qualifying non-profit organisations.

We understand the importance of helping local communities and wish to support these organisations in their noble acts. We too are doing our part and want to encourage others for doing the right thing.

Qualifying Organisations

To qualify for this program, you have to be a registered and government-recognized charitable institution with the sole purpose to act for a humanitarian cause.

We will authenticate your eligibility and discontinue services for unqualified organisations.

Non-Profit Licensing

Willing & Able is devoted to creating legally compliant software applications for companies and institutions.

We provide our software for freeĀ  for all qualifying non-profit entities.

Any Questions or Comments about our Charity Program?

Contact us to learn more about our charity program and check if your organisation is eligible.

License Limitations

A qualified organisation is allowed only one license per product.

Only the licensed organisation is allowed access to our systems. This license cannot be used by other parties and/or affiliates.