Custom Solutions

We can develop either custom web-based software applications for your exclusive in-house use, or create new Willing & Able SaaS applications that we will commercialize.

You can also customize one of our existing SaaS solutions to your individual needs. Submit your application plan or customization requirements.

Individual Application

Web-apps built with privacy by design and default in mind.

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Standardized SaaS Application

Software for lawyers and corporate legal compliance.

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Customized SaaS Application

Just ask and we will build the app your company needs.

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Development Opportunities

Individual Applications

Willing & Able offers customized product development. Are your companies’ needs and processes unique?

If you desire a legally compliant web-based software application that incorporates LegalTech and/or EfficiencyTech, we can guide you through every step of the process from start to finish.

Individual pricing is based on hourly rate and depends on the project size.

Standardized SaaS Applications

Submit a product idea and make money. Our experienced team of project managers, graphic and UI/UX designers, lawyers and developers will create a product based on your idea.

Once finalized, the application will go under our umbrella as our own, but for every new subscriber, you will receive a commission. Willing & Able values the thoughts and ideas of other people.

We want to offer you a means to bring your ideas to life, even when you don’t have the time or money to develop the applications yourself. Together we can provide the world with a unique product.

Customization of Our SaaS Applications

Customize functions from our e-solutions product line. Our solutions are designed for general demography.

If you and your company are looking for something custom-tailored to suit your business needs, we offer a custom functionality service.

Choose from a list of products under the Willing & Able umbrella and simply customize any web-based software solution to accommodate your company’s unique needs. Individual pricing is based on hourly rates and depends on the project size.